Playlist Dance Anni 90

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100% - Power of the light 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Can't help myself 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Come take my hand 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Dreams 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Fairytales 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Fly (through the starry night) 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - I'm thinkin of u 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Let me be free 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Living in cyberspace 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Mirror of love 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Never Alone 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - One day 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - The sun will be shining 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - There is a key 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Turn da music up 
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor feat. Des Ray and d-rock - Heaven is here 
2 Colors - La noche 
2 Colors - Love and emotion 
2 Colors - You look like the sun 
2 easy - Summertime 
2 eivissa - I wanna be your toy 
2 Eivissa - Move Your Body (Tu Tu tu Ta, Oh La) 
2 eivissa - Oh la la la 
2 fabiola - feel the vibe 
2 fabiola - Freak out 
2 fabiola - I'm on fire 
2 fabiola - lift u up 
2 fabiola - Play this song 
2 for good - You and me 
2 for love - ding ding (o na na) 
2 For Love - Only For Love 
2 in a room - El trago (the drink) 
2 in a room - Giddy up 
2 in a tank - Boogie woogie bugle boy (dont' stop) 
2 raff - don't stop the music 
2 shy - hey sicilian 
2 shy - You give me all i need 
2 thousand feat. d.d. klein - Fire 
2 unlimited - Edge of heaven 
2 unlimited - Faces 
2 unlimited - Get ready for this 
2 unlimited - Here i go 
2 unlimited - Jump for joy 
2 unlimited - let the beat control your body 
2 unlimited - Maximum overdrive 
2 Unlimited - No Limit 
2 unlimited - Spread your love 
2 unlimited - The magic friend 
2 unlimited - The real thing 
2 unlimited - tribal dance 
2 unlimited - Wanna get up 
2 unlimited - Workaholic 
2-4-U feat. Stelio - Dance with me 
20 Fingers - Short Dick Man 
20 Fingers feat. gillette - Mr. personality 
20 Fingers feat. gillette - you're a dog 
20 Fingers feat. katrina - Sex machine 
20 Fingers feat. roula - lick it 
2b Or Not 2b - 2Night, 2Night 
2fast 4you - Lover on the line 
2nd nature - Crazy world 
3 drives on a vinyl - Greece 2000 
3 Drives On A Vinyl - Turkey 2000 
3-o-matic - All i want is you 
3-o-matic - Hand in hand 
3-o-matic - Success 
4 logic feat. Arya - Heartbeat 
4 love - I just called to say i love you 
4-2 the floor - Watching you watching me 
49 ers - keep your love 
49 ers - Move your feet 
49ers - Baby i'm yours 
49ers - Die walkuere 
49ers - Don't you love me 
49ers - I Got The Music Aka I Got It (Satori Mix) 
49ers feat. Ann Marie Smith - Everything 
666 - Alarma 
666 - Amokk 
666 - Bomba 
666 - diablo 
666 - Paradoxx 
666 - The demon 
740 boyz - shimmy shake 
7th world - No matter what 
883 - Chiuditi nel cesso (remix) 
883 - Con un deca (fargetta remix) 
883 - Gli anni (bliss team downbeat remix) 
883 - Gli anni (bliss team remix) 
883 - il grande incubo (bliss team remix) 
883 - Viaggio Al Centro Del Mondo (remix) 
99th floor elevators - Ill be there 
@tak - Let me be free 
A Kay B Jay - Everything She Wants 
A very good friend of mine feat. Joy - Just round 
A-teens - Gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight) 
A-teens - Super trouper 
A.B. Logic - The Hitman 
A.c. One - Sing a song now now 
A.d.a.m. - Zombie 
A.Kay B.Jay - I Hear You 
A.Kay B.Jay - I should be so lucky 
A.Kay B.Jay - Love reaction 
A.Kay B.Jay - Sleeping In My Car 
A.Kay B.Jay - Why 
A.M. Style - Keeping my love 
A.T.G.O.C. - Repeated love 
A.V.M. Project Feat. Linda Hermes - Life time 
Ab Logic - Ab Logic 
Abbacadabra - Dancing queen 
Abbacadabra - Summer Night City 
Abigail - Don't You Wanna Know 
Abigail - Smells like teen spirit 
Absolom - Secret 
Absolom - Where 
Academia - Dance to the music 
Ace H - I Wanna Be Your Lover 
Ace of base - All that she wants 
Ace Of Base - Always have always will 
Ace of Base - Beautiful life 
Ace of Base - Cruel summer 
Ace of Base - Don't turn around 
Ace Of Base - Everytime It Rains 
Ace Of Base - Happy nation 
Ace Of Base - Hello hello 
Ace Of Base - Life is a flower 
Ace Of Base - Living In Danger 
Ace Of Base - Love in december 
Ace Of Base - Lucky love 
Ace Of Base - Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry 
Ace of Base - The sign 
Ace of Base - Wheel Of Fortune 
Act of Fear - Lost in Love 
Activate - Beat Of The Drum 
Activate - Fall in love with you 
Activate - I say what i want 
Activate - Let the rhythm take control 
Activate - Tell me 
Adrenalina - Take me back 
Adriano Dodici - Lost in the wind 
Adrima - Living on a fantasy 
Afrika bambaataa - Feeling irie 
Afrika bambaataa - Just get up and dance 
Afrika Bambaataa - Pupunanny 
Afrika bambaataa presents khayan - feel the vibe 
Afrika bambaataa vs carpe diem - Got to get up 
After touch - She wanna dance 
After Touch - Show Me The Way 
Age Of Love - The age of Love (Jam And Spoon) 
Agnelli and nelson - El nino 
Agnelli and nelson - Everyday 
Agostini - Dance On The Groove 
Ahmex - Paparazzi 
Aida - All day 
Aida - Far and away 
Aladino - Brothers in the space 
Aladino - Call my name 
Aladino - Make it right now 
Aladino - Stay with me 
Alana Dante - Land of eternal love 
Alana Dante - Take me for a ride 
Alana Dante - Think twice 
Albertino feat. David Syon - Your love is crazy 
Aldus haza - Dial 
Aldus haza feat. Dj Sylvan - Hey a wa 
Alena - Turn it around 
Alex Castelli - Enjoy 
Alex Natale - Get back to love 
Alex Party - Don't Give Me Your Life 
Alex Party - Read my lips 
Alex Party - Simple things 
Alex Party - Wrap me up 
Alex Remark - Nephertity 
Alexia - Gimme love 
Alexia - Goodbye 
Alexia - Happy 
Alexia - Hold On 
Alexia - Looking for my baby 
Alexia - Me and you 
Alexia - Number one 
Alexia - Summer is crazy 
Alexia - The music i like 
Alexia - Uh la la la 
Alexia Cooper - Gotta be mine 
Alexia feat. double you - Me and you 
Alice Deejay - Back In My Life 
Alice deejay - Better off alone 
Alice Deejay - Celebrate our love 
Alis - Let it out 
Alisha - Don't let me misunderstood 
Alison Price - I need i want 
All in Vain - Trance music was born 
Ally and jo - Holding you 
Ally and jo - Nasty girl 
Ally and jo - The lion sleeps tonight 
Alma Matris - Ritmo Mecanico 
Alma Matris Feat. Tania Segura - Musica electrica 
Alpha base - Heaven help my heart 
Alpha Squad - Distorminator 
Alphaville Feat. Laura Bran - Forever young rmx 
Alphaville feat. Laura branigan - Forever Young (dance remix) 
Alter ego feat daisy dee - Dance if you cannot 
Altern 8 vs evelyn king - You stole my heart 
Amadeus - Tutti al mare 
Amadin - U make me feel alright 
Amandine - In my mind 
Amantes - Only to Obtain It 
Ambigual - Party Night 
Ambra - Aspettavo te rmx 
Ammonia - Down on my level 
Amos - Only saw today 
Anaconda - Machine 
Anastasia vs dumonde - Fly to the sky 
Anat - Without you 
Ancorah - You will be mine 
Andrew Sixty - Caterina (Kiss The Beat) 
Andrew Sixty - Diana 
Andromeda - Everytime you go 
Andru donalds - All out of love 
Andy and lamboy - The inside 
Andy blackwood - I'm gonna get to you 
Angela Martin - Reach out 
Angelina - The power of love 
Angelina - Tide is high 
Angelmoon feat. Moony - Hes all i want 
Angels - Bend me, shape me 
Anime - Yumiko 
Ann lee - 2 times 
Ann lee - Ring my bell (eiffel 65 rmx) 
Ann lee - Voices 
Anna Falchi - Pium paum 
Antares - Let Me Be Your Fantasy 
Antares - Ride on a meteorite 
Antares - You Belong To Me 
Anthea - One more time 
Anthera - Good Time Tonight 
Anti-funky - let's go dancing 
Anticapella - 2v231 
Anticapella - Express your freedom 
Anticapella feat. Mc fixx it - Move your body 
Anticappella - Everyday 
Antico - Dreamer 
Antico - Feeling 
Antico - Moment 
Antico - We need freedom 
Antiloop - In my mind 
Antiloop - Nowhere to hide 
Antiloop - Oh Susie 
Apex - Let me be 
Aphrodite - Somebody loves you 
Apotheosis - Got you groovin 
Apotheosis - O fortuna 
Apple 9 - What you do to me 
Aqua - Doctor Jones 
Aqua - Good morning sunshine 
Aqua - Lollipop (candyman) 
Aqua - My oh my 
Aqua - Roses are red 
Aqua - Turn back time 
Aquarius - It Feels Like Summer 
Aquarius - We can make it 
Ardis - Prayer for africa 
Arena - Fly away 
Aretha Franklin - A deeper love 
Arkimed - L'ultimo dei mohicani 
Armand van helden - Flowerz 
Armand van helden pres. old school junkies - The funk phenomena 
Arrakis - The spice 
Arrow - Back in the house 
Art of love - Se ti sale 
Art of trance - Madagascar 
Artful dodger - Rewind 
Artful dodger and romina johnson - Movin too fast 
Asap - No cambies 
Asap feat. Yilena - Imaginate 
Ascension - Someone 
Asia - Happy to be 
Aso Mamiko - Drive me crazy 
Astra - Romeo Ja Julia 
Astroline - No way out 
Atahualpa - Ultimo Imperio 
Atb - 9 pm (till i come) 
Atb - Don't stop 
Atb - Killer 
Atisha - Secret Of The Night 
Atlantis 6 - Life is a mystery 
Atomizer - Time to time 
Attack - Up in the sky 
Aurora - Hear you calling 
Ava - Sun 
Ava and stone - All aboard 
Ava and stone - Bye baby 
Ava and stone - Sunshine 
Ava and stone - Yeh yoh 
Avancada - Go 
Axia - Love in December 
Axiom - I'm not a lady 
Ayla - Angelfalls 
Azzaro - Parla più piano 
Azzurro - Deep down inside 
B-Cap - Send Me An Angel 
B-Charme - This is my world 
B-Charme - Wake me up 
B-One - The future 
B. Bross. & dj pierre - Aint no stoppin us now 
B.a.r. feat. Roxy - Come together 
B.a.r. feat. Roxy - Feeling 
B.a.s.p - Boom boom my heart 
B.b.e. - Deeper love (symphonic paradise) 
B.b.e. - Seven days and one week 
B.G. the Prince of Rap - Can't Love You 
B.G. the Prince of Rap - The colour of my dreams 
B.m. (high volume) - Put me in a trance 
B.One - Play the game 
B.s. Project Feat Eileina Dennis - Heartbeats 
Baam - Can feel my love 
Babe - Oh my little baby boy 
Baby baby - Sex success 
Baby doc - La batteria 
Back 2 Mars - Up Down Up 
Backside - i pray 
Bacon Popper - Rejoice in love 
Bad vice - Giddy up a gogo 
Baffa - Piano on 
Baffa - Rush to the Moon 
Baffa - Somebody To Love 
Bambee - Candy girl 
Bamboo - Bamboogie 
Bamboo - The strutt 
Banaroo - Dubi dam dam 
Bandido - Get into the groove 
Bandido - I Drove All Night 
Bandido - I wanna dance with somebody 
Bandido - Like the way i do 
Bang - You know i know 
Bang Gang Feat. Conchita - Bang gang night 
Barabba - El ritmo rapido 
Barabba Feat. Dum Dum Toys - Is funny 
Barbara Tucker - Stay together 
Barcode Brothers - Train 
Barnet - Gimme All Your Love 
Base Department - You let me down 
Basic Connection - Angel 
Basic Connection - Habla me luna 
Basic Connection - You are my love 
Basic element - Leave it behind 
Basic element - Move me 
Basic Element - Promise Man 
Basic element - The fiddle 
Basic element - This must be a dream 
Basic element - Touch 
Bass Bumpers - Good fun 
Bass Bumpers - Keep on pushing 
Bass Bumpers - Runnin 
Bass Experience - Beats go 
Bass-X feat. Jacqui Dubois - Is This Love 
Bastiglia - Saturdays magic 
BB - Reach out 
Beach Party - Night to remember 
Beat Pressure - Something on mind 
Beat Production - I need your love 
Beat Production - The Beat Is My Life 
Beat System - Dance romance 
Beat System - Fresh 
Beat System - Lights of america 
Beat System - Reggae night 
Beat System - Stay with me 
Beat System - What's Going On 
Bee-fun - Night creature 
Bellini - Samba de janeiro 
Berri - Shine like a star 
Berri - The sunshine after the rain 
BG The Prince Of Rap - Can We Get Enough 
Bibi - Together again 
Bibi Schon - Freedom 
Bibi Schon - Ooh my baby 
Big Sound Association - The afterworld 
Big Time Feat. Real James - Summertime's Crazy 
Billie Myers - Kiss the Rain 
Billie Ray Martin - Imitation of life 
Billie Ray Martin - Your loving arms 
Billy Hendrix - The body shine 
Bimbha - I Love You 
Birdy - Make my day 
Bks - Take control 
Black 4 white - So i love you baby 
Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else 
Black Diamond - Go With Love 
Black Duck - Whiggle In Line 
Black Machine - How gee 
Black Machine - U Make me come a life 
Black Rose - if I could only be with you 
Black Rose - Melody 
Blackwood - Friday night 
Blackwood - I Am 
Blackwood - My love for you 
Blackwood - Peace 
Blackwood - Ride On The Rhythm 
Blackwood - You're the one 
Blast feat V.D.C. - Crazy Man 
Blast Feat. V.D.C. - Sex And Infidelity 
Bliss Team - People Have Power 
Bliss Team - You make me cry 
Blizzard - It's only love 
Blizzard - Living In The Night 
Blizzard - Without you 
Blume - Every Night (Dada Am Bada Eh) 
Blyzart - This is the time (Gabry ponte mix) 
Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game 
Boyrus - Singin In My Mind 
Bump 'N' Grind - Bang Bang 
Busker - I Want to Be Free 
Cabballero - Dancing with tears in my eyes 
Cabballero - Hymn 
Candida - You And Me 
Candy Girls - I want candy 
Cantalupe - The Real Thing 
Cappella - Be my baby 
Cappella - Do you run away now 
Cappella - Move it up 
Cappella - Move on baby 
Cappella - U and Me 
Cappella - U got 2 know 
Cappella - U got 2 let the music 
Cappello Bros - Dancing for you 
Capricorn - 20 hz 
Captain hollywood project - Impossible 
Captain Hollywood project - More and more 
Captain Jack - Together And Forever 
Carl - High in the sky 
Carl feat. Music Mind - Celebration 
Carl feat. Music Mind - Disco Fever 
Carol Bailey - I Can't Make u love me 
Carol Bailey - Under My Skin 
Carolina Marquez - Sexo sexo 
Cassandra - Just tell me why 
Cb milton - It's a loving thing 
Ce ce lee - Tarantella 
Celine - All i need is love 
Celine Dion - My Heart will go on (Dance Mix) 
Centory - Point of no return 
Chambre - upside down 
Charisma - Grace in your face 
Charlie - Fottilo! 
Charlie Dore - Time Goes By 
Charlotte - Where we are 
Chase - Love for the future 
Chase - Obsession 
Chase - Shadows sail 
Chimo Bayo - Extasi, Extano 
Chiquetere band - Chiquetere 
Chris - Over the sky 
Cindy - Crazy For You 
Clay - Where Is My Life 
Clone - No Se (La Cinta Rosa) 
Clubhouse feat. Carl - Nowhere land 
Clutch - I can't wait 
Clutch - I love my dreams 
Co.Ro. feat. Taleesa - 4 your love feat. taleesa - because the night 
Co.Ro. Feat. Taleesa - I Break Down and Cry 
Cometz - Scooby dooby boy 
Comico base - Chico's dream 
Confideance - It's magic away 
Consilio - Take my heart 
Corona - Baby baby 
Corona - Megamix 
Corona - The power of love 
Corona - The rhythm of the night 
Corona - Try me out 
Countermove - Myself free 
CPU - Power generator 
Culture beat - Anything 
Culture beat - Got to get it 
Culture beat - Inside out 
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain 
Culture Beat - No deeper meaning 
Cupido - Historias de amor 
D.C. 2000 - 1 more time 
D.e.a.r. - Talk to me 
D.o.n.s. - Ritmo infernal (la fiesta) 
Da blitz - let me be 
Da Blitz - Movin' on 
Da Blitz - Stay with me 
Da blitz - take my way 
Da blitz - To live forever 
Da Club - Don't Speak 
Da Club - Nobody's wife 
Daddy k - Voulez vous coucher avec moi 
Daft punk - Around the world 
Dama - Beautiful ones 
Damage Control - Youve Got to Believe 
Dana dawson - 3 is family 
Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives 
Danceteria - When you believe 
Dario G - Carnaval de paris 
Darkness - In my dreams 
Darmi e delia - On my mind 
Datura - Angeli domini 
Datura - Mantra 
Datura - Passion 
Datura - The 7th hallucination 
Datura - The Sign (Fargetta rmx) 
Datura - Yerba del diablo 
Datura and U.s.u.r.a. - Infinity 
Datura Feat. Ben - I Love to Dance 
Datura with billie ray martin - Mystic motion 
David Morales & The Bad Yard Club - In the ghetto 
Day Dj - Emotions 
Daze - Tamagotchi 
DC Mark - Baby Love 
Deadly Sins - Come down with me 
Debbie Scott - Kiss me 
Decadance - Latin lover 
Deee-lite - Groove is in the heart 
Delis - Neverending Love 
Denise - Deeper love 
Density Matrix - Flying 
Diana King - Shy Guy 
Diana's - All i need is love 
Digital Boy with Asia - The Mountain of King 
Dirty Mind - Mamamelo 
Dirty mind - Transiberiana 
Disco's Revenge - Gusto 
Discover - Never Gonna Say Goodbye (Mr Radio Edit) 
Discover feat. Aleexa - Thinkin about you 
Divina - Around my heart 
Divina - Time to go (cocoloco mix) 
Dixies Gang - Party time 
Dj bobo - Everybody 
Dj Bobo - Keep on dancing 
Dj Bobo - Love is all around 
Dj Bobo - Pray 
Dj Bobo - Shadows of the night 
Dj Cerla and moratto - Wonder 
Dj dado - Coming back 
Dj dado and Simone Jay - Ready or not 
Dj dado feat. Michelle Weeks - Forever 
Dj Dado feat. Michelle weeks - Give me love 
Dj Ensaime - I want you 
Dj h. feat Stefy - We love it 
DJ Jean - The Launch 
Dj Miko - Clementine 
DJ Miko - What's Up 
Dj Professor - Rock Me Steady (extended) 
DJ Professor - Rock Me Steady 
Dj Space C feat. Anne - I Belong 
Doop - Doop 
Double Impact - Ever try 
Double you - dancing with an angel 
Double You - Please don't go 
Double You - Run to me 
Double You - Somebody 
Dr Alban - Look whos talking 
Dr. Alban - Away from home 
Dr. Alban - Its my life 
Dr. Alban - Let the beat go on 
Dr. Alban - No Coke 
Dr. Bombay - Calcutta 
Dr. Dj Cerla feat. Mad bob - Mi boca 
Dragana - Taxi fantastique 
Dragana - Up and down 
Due - Under the same sun 
Dy-Keery - D'Party 
E-magic feat Nancy - Stop 
E-magic feat. Nancy - Prepare yourself 
E-Rotic - Max don't have sex with your ex 
E-Rotic - Willy Use A Billy... Boy 
E-type - This is the way 
Each and every one - Angel 
East Side Beat - You're My Everything 
Eiffel 65 - Blue (da ba dee) 
Eiffel 65 - Move your body 
Einstein Doctor Deejay - Back From Galactika 
Einstein Doctor DJ - Automatic Sex 
Einstein Dr. DJ - Elektro Woman 
Elena Morales - ole ole 
Eliane - Lero lero lero le le 
Elton John & RuPaul - Don't Go Breaking My Heart 
Emeralds - Do It For Love 
Estrella - Never be lonely 
Ethnics Beats - Alla fiera dell'est 
Eurogroove - Scan me 
Evergreen - it's gonna be love 
Everything but the girl - Missing 
Exel - Wonderland 
Exit Way - Welcome to the future 
Express of sound - Real vibration 
Eye feat. Alexia - Virtual Reality 
Eyes Cream - Fly Away (Bye Bye) 
F.O.M. - It's Love 
F.p.i Project - Come on (and do it) 
F.p.i. Project - Rich in paradise 
F.r. Connection - Without Your Love 
F.r. Connection feat. master freez - listen up 
Fargetta - Midnight 
Fargetta - Mr.movin 
Fargetta - The Music Is Movin' 
Fargetta - This Time 
Fargetta - Your Love 
Fargetta and Ann Marie Smith - Music 
Fifteen of May - Forever 
Fifty fifty - Listen to me 
Fifty fifty - Tonight i'm dreaming 
Fiorello - E tu (dj cerla rmx) 
Fiorello - Ricordati di me (digital boy rmx) 
Fiorello - San Martino (Fargetta Remix) 
Fiorello - San Martino 
Fiorello - Si o no (please don't go) 
Fishbone Beat - Je le fais express (satisfy) 
Fishbone Beat - Save The Planet 
Flashback - Give up 
Floorfilla - Anthem #2 
Fourteen 14 - Everytime We Touch 
Francesco Zappala - No Way Out 
Francis - Infinitive love 
Freddie Mercury - Living on my own rmx 
Fun 2 u - My little flower 
Fun Factory - Close To You 
Fun factory - Doh wah diddy 
Fun Factory - Don't go away 
Fun factory - I wanna be with you 
Funny - Sing a song 
G.E.M. - Alma Latina 
G.E.M. - Como el viento 
G.E.M. - I Feel You Tonight 
G.e.m. - Quiero volar 
G.E.M. - Yo Te siento asi' 
Gala - Come into my life 
Gala - Everyone Has Inside 
Gala - Freed from desire 
Gala - Let a boy cry 
Gala - Suddenly 
Garden Eden - Lemon dance 
Gate - Somebody to love 
Gaya - I keep on dreaming 
Gaya - It's love 
Gaya - Lovin' The Way 
Gaya - Shine on me 
General base - Apache 
General base - I See you 
General base - Poison 
Gigi d'Agostino - Another way 
Gigi d'Agostino - Bla bla bla 
Gigi D'Agostino - Cuba Libre 
Gigi D'Agostino - Elisir 
Gigi D'Agostino - La Passion 
Gigi D'Agostino - The Riddle 
Gina G - Gimme some love 
Gina G - Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit 
Gina T - tokyo by night 
Ginger - I need you baby 
Gisella - Joy (I Feel Good I Feel Fine) 
Glenn White - All Night Long 
Go - Lets all chant 
Goody Feat. Luna - Mamma mia 
Green House feat. Gerideau - All i need 
Haddaway - Life 
Haddaway - Rock my heart 
Haddaway - What is love 
Hardea - Mr Fucker 
House Pimps - Get The Hook 
Ice mc - Dark night rider 
Ice mc - Give me the light 
Ice mc - it's a rainy day 
Ice MC - Megamix 
Ice mc - Russian roulette 
Ice Mc - Scream 
Ice Mc - Take Away The Colour 
Ice MC - Think About the Way 
Intermission - Piece Of My Heart 
Ironya - Stay With Me 
Its 5 to 12 - Survival game 
J.B. Sound - Oh yeah baby 
J.J. Brothers - I Got The Vibe 
J.k. - Beat it 
J.k. - You and I (classic remix) 
J.k. - You and i 
Jackie O' - One Of Us 
Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night 
Jam & Spoon Feat. Plavka - Find Me 
Jam and spoon - Angel 
Jamie Dee - So good 
Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy Rmx 
Jeronymo - Balla Balla 
Jinny - Feel the rhythm 
Jinny - Never give up 
Jinny - One more time 
Jinny - Wanna be with u 
Jk - My radio 
Jo Anne - Always 
Jo-Ann - Always 
Joga - Dam Dariram 
Joky - Let's Go To Bahia 
Jola - Moon and sun 
Jordy - Dur dur d'être bébé 
Joy Salinas - Gotta be good 
Jt Company - Feel it 
Jt Company - Live my life 
Jt Company - Wet 
K Love - Gimme Some Love 
KaKee - All Yours Tonight 
Kangie Sisters - Go slow 
Karen Ramirez - Lies 
Karina - Gonna believe 
Karry and Dj Tururu - Take my love 
Keenya - Waiting (For Your Love) 
Kick 99 - All My Love 
Kim lukas - All i really want 
Kim Ono - Big In Japan 
Klubbheads - Discohopping 
Konya - Come On 
Kristy - Crazy Crazy 
L.A. Style - I'm Raving (O Si Nene) 
La bouche - Be my lover 
La bouche - Sweet dreams 
La Fortuna - Why Can't You See 
La fuertezza - 2 the night 
La suite - violet love (sandalia mix) 
Lady violet - Inside to outside 
Lalene - Together 
Laura Becker - Day by day 
Le click - Tonight is the night 
Legend b - Lost in love 
Leila k. - Open sesame 
Leo Verde - Voglio fare l'amore con te 
Lia de bahia - Amore 
Liberty - Melody in motion 
Lick - I'm the girl of your dreams 
Lies in a box - I wish you 
Lies In A Box - Lonely Days 
Lies in a box - You take my heart away 
Lisa hunt - Take good care of me baby 
Livin joy - Don't stop movin 
Livin' Joy - Follow The Rules 
Living Joy - Dreamer 
Londonbeat - I've been thinking about you 
Londonbeat - You bring on the sun 
Los del rio - Macarena 
Love message - Love Message 
Lovejoy Feat. Chandra - To the moon 
Lovely Girl - All the night 
Lovers - 7 seconds 
Lunapop - 50 Special ext remix 
Lunapop - 50 Special remix 
M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy - Another night 
M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy - It's on You 
M.o.n.n.i - All i Need 
M.o.n.n.i - Can you feel my heart 
M.u.t.e. - Clap on top of me 
Magic Affair - Omen iii 
Mairie Claire D'Ubaldo - The Rythm Is Magic 
Malik - You don't know malik 
Mandy - Magic moon 
Marco Masini - Vaffanculo Rmx 
Maria Moreno Diaz - Heaven For Everyone 
Mario Piu' - Sexy rhythm 
Mario Piu' feat. More - All i need 
Mario Piu' feat. More - Runaway 
Martin and keys - Another day 
Martina - My love is true 
Marusha - Over the rainbow 
Marvellous melodicos - Sing oh 
Marvellous Melodicos - The sun and the moon 
Marvin Garden - My body and soul 
Mash - U Don't Have to Say U Love Me 
Masoko Solo - O Le Le 
Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa 
Masquerade - Black Eyed Boy 
Masterboy - Feel The Heat Of The Night 
Masterboy - I got to give it up 
Masterboy - Is this the love 
Masterboy - Keep on dancing 
Masterboy - Shake It Up and Dance 
Masterboy - Show me colours 
Masterjam - I wanna know 
Masterjam - Rhythms in your mind 
Matanza - Matador 
Mato Grosso - Feel The Beat 
Mato grosso - Love 
Mato grosso - Moai 
Mato Grosso - Stonehenge 
Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Gigi D'Agostino Rmx) 
Mauro Pilato and max monti - Clap clap 
Mauro Pilato and max monti - Gam gam 
Mauro Pilato and max monti - Ite missa est 
Max Briant presents Der hammer - Folletti 
Max Mad - Don't Let Me Down 
Max-a-milion - Fat boy 
Max-A-Million - Take Your Time (Do It Right) 
Maxx - Get-A-way 
Maxx - No More (I Can't Stand It) 
Medea - Eternal Love (Piano Mix) 
Mephisto - Mystery Of Love 
Mephisto - State Of Mind 
Mephisto - You got me burnin up 
Milk Inc. - In My Eyes 
Mimmo Amerelli - Alla consolle 
Miranda - A la fiesta 
Miranda - Vamos a la playa 
Mo-do - Eins zwei polizei 
Mo-do - Super gut 
Molella - Change 
Molella - Originale radicale musicale 
Molella - Xs 
Molella and Asher Senator - See the difference 
Molella and Phil Jay - it's a real world 
Molella and Phil Jay - With this ring let me go 
Molella feat the outhere brothers - If you wanna party 
Molella feat. Walty - Revolution 
Moratto - La fuerza pagana 
More - 4 ever with me 
Mosquito headz - El ritmo 
Mousse t. vs hot n juicy - Horny 98 
Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat 
Mr. President - Coco Jamboo 
MTJ Feat. Jade - Life 99 
Musik Masters - Doctor! Doctor! 
Nadeshda - Bette Davis' Eyes 
Narcotico - Narcotic 
Neja - Restless 
Nell - Every time you're feeling down 
Netzwerk - Memories 
Netzwerk - Passion 
Netzwerk - Send me an angel 
Nevada - Make My Day 
Newmill - As long as 
Newmill - This is a strange world 
Nikita - Eterna Divina 
Nina - i'm so excited 
Nina - One and only 
Nina - Until all your dreams come true 
No Mercy - Please don't go 
No Mercy - Where Do You Go 
O.B.3 - Got 2 Move 
O.T. Quartet - hold that sucker down 
Odyssey - Move your body 
Oil - Oh eh eh 
Onda del futuro - Terra 
Orange Blue - Sunshine Of My Life 
Orlando Johnson - You 
Ouriel clark - Shake your bum 
Outhere Brothers - Pass The Toilet Paper 
PAK! Feat. Rodney - Party On Go! 
Pan Position - Elephant paw 
Pan Position - Jack yall 
Pandera - I Love You Baby 
Paps 'N' Skar - Because I'm Free 
Paradisio - Bailando 
Paradisio - Samba del diablo 
Paradisio - Vamos a la discoteca 
Paraje - Animalaction 
Paso vs Maximus - Singin every nite (obladi obladai) 
Paula Gardner - Move Your Body 
Pavesi Sound - All come together 
Pay Day Vs. Simone Jay - Good times 
Perplexer - Acid folk 
Peter gast - Music always got me crazy 
Pharao - It's Your Way 
Phase 2 Phase - In The Power Of Love 
Phats and small - Turn around 
Piano Negro - In Africa 
Playahitty - I love the sun 
Playahitty - The summer is magic 
Plaza - Wild Is The Night 
Prezioso - Don't Stop 
Prezioso - Feel the rhythm 
Prezioso - Get on up 
Prezioso feat. Marvin - Tell me why 
Princess hortensia - Come all over me 
Priscilla - Always on my mind 
Prodigy - No good (start the dance) 
Prophecy - Rosa di rose 
Puma - Do it right 
Quadran - Eternally 
R.A.F - Just take me higher 
Ramirez - El Gallinero 
Ramirez - Terapia 
Randy Bush - Elevation 
Real 2 Real - Go On Move 
Real McCoy - Runaway 
Rednex - Cotton eye joe 
Regina - Day by day 
Regina - Killing me softly 
Regina - The Megamix 
Regina - What can you do 
Rexanthony - Polaris dream 
Rio - Someone 
River - We Can Shine Through The Sky 
Robert DD - Feel The Fire 
Robert miles - Children 
Robert Miles - Fable 
Robert Miles - One and one 
Robin S - Show me love 
Roland Brant - Moons Waterfalls 
Roland Brant Feat. Isabeau - Mastermind 
Rollergirl - Dear jessie 
Rollergirl - Lov u more 
Ronny Money feat. Jeffrey j. - Don't you know 
Roxxy - Live my life 
Rozalla - Faith (In The Power Of Love) 
Run Dmc feat. Justine Simmons - Praise my Dj 
Sabrina Johnston - Peace (Brothers In Rhythm mix) 
Saccoman - Pyramid soundwave 
Samsara feat. Paula Bo - Take Me In The Night 
Sandy B - Make The World Go Round 
Sash - Encore une fois 
Sash - La primavera 
Sash - Move mania 
Sash feat. la trec - Stay 
Sash feat. la trec - Stay 
Sash featuring Tina Cousin - Mysterious times 
Scatman John - Let it go 
Scatman John - Scatman 
Scatman John - Scatmans world 
Scooter - How much is the fish 
Scrapper - Let the music 
Secchi - Ciao (mix version) 
Secchi feat Taleesa - Easy to Love 
Secchi feat. Oscar - Children 
Sefe - Evviva a vida 
Sefe - Paradise 
Shaft - Sway (mucho mambo) 
Shaggy - Boombastic 
Shalima - Don't let me go 
Shara - Still feels alright 
Shortcut feat. R.C. - Do you really want to hurt me 
Sigrid - Espana enjoy 
Silvia Coleman - All Around The World 
Silvia Coleman - Allright 
Simone Jay - Luv thang 
Simone Jay - Midnight 
Simone jay - Paradise (eiffel 65 rmx) 
Simone Jay - Wanna b like a man 
Sin with sebastian - Shut up (and sleep with me) 
Siu - It's So Easy 
Six Sounds - I Love You 
Smile - Boys 
Snap - Colour of love 
Snap - Rhythm is a dancer 
Snap - The First The Last Eternity 
Soda - I wanna be 
Sonia Davis - Bette Davis Eyes 
Sons of Ilsa - Pulsingers nacht (I'm a Raver Baby) 
Space Master - Everybody Sing 
Space Master - Jumping to the party 
Space Master - Step On (No Rap Master Mix) 
Space Master - World of confusion 
Spike - Respect 
Steam System feat. Sigrid - Barraca destroy 
Stefan Raab and die bekloppten - boorti boorti vogts 
Stefano Secchi - A Brighter Day 
Stefano Secchi feat. Orlando Johnson - I say yeah 
Stella getz - Friends 
Sublime - Sublime 
Supanova - Don't Break My Heart 
Super b - Amore disperato Rmx 
Supercar - Tonite 
Sweet flowers - I've got to feel you 
Systematic - I got the music 
Systematic - Love is the answer 
T.F.O. feat. Hysteria - Magic (Magic Mix) 
T.h.k. - Feel so good 
T42 feat. Sharp - Melody blue 
Taleesa - Burning up 
Taleesa - Falling in love 
Taleesa - I found luv 
Taleesa - Let me be 
Technotronic - Get Up '98 
Teste Sciroppate - Pompa DJ 
Teste Sciroppate - Senti Come Puzzi 
TFO - Mekanika 
TFO - Soul & body 
The Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch 
The chemical brothers - hey boy hey girl 
The End - You got me burning 
The Outhere brothers - Boom boom boom 
The Outhere brothers - Don't stop 
The Presence - Tonight (Ti.Pi.Cal Remix) 
The presence - Wanna be the one ( rmx) 
The Shamen - Comin' On 
The Shamen - Phorever People 
The Soundlovers - Mirando el mar 
The Soundlovers - Surrender 
The Soundlovers - Walking 
The tamperer feat. Maya - Feel it 
The tamperer feat. Maya - If you buy this record feat Josh - Round and around 
Ti.Pi.Cal. feat. Josh - It hurts feat. Josh - The colour inside feat. kimara - Follow your heart 
TI.PI.CAL. feat. Kimara - Music is my life 
Tipical feat. kimara - Hidden passion 
TNN - La cucamarcha 
Toni di bart - The real thing 
Tony di bart - Why did ya 
Toy-Box - Super Duper Man 
Toy-Box - The Sailor Song 
Transformer 2 - Just Cant Get Enough 
Tretriti - E' vivo l'uomo ragno 
Trinity - Into the blue 
Trivial Voice - The Beat Of The Flamenco 
Twenty 4 Seven - I Can't Stand It 
Twenty 4 seven feat. Stay-c and Nance - Is it love 
Two Cowboys- Everybody gonfi gon 
U.S.U.R.A. & Datura - Infinity 
U.s.u.r.a. - Open your mind 
U96 - Inside your dreams 
U96 - Night In Motion (70's Mix) 
Ultra Nate - Free 
Unconditional - Let's get serious 
Underworld - Born Slippy 
United Kingdom Of Dance (U.K.D.) - Everybody 
United zeros - Lila traktor 
Universal Voice feat Guax - If you believe 
Urban Cookie Collective - Feels like heaven 
Urban Cookie Collective - Sail away 
Urban Cookie Collective - The key the secret 
Usura - Drive Me Crazy 
Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me 
Vandana - In The Name Of Love 
Vanilla ice - Ice ice baby 
Vasco Rossi - Delusa (Usura rmx) 
Vasco Rossi - Rewind (molella rmx) 
Vasco Rossi - Senza Parole rmx 
Vengaboys - Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom 
Vengaboys - Megamix 
Vengaboys - Skinnydippin' 
Vengaboys - To brazil 
Vengaboys - Up and down 
Vengaboys - We like to party 
Veronica - I can't get enough 
Vestania - Fly free 
Voice 2 Voice - Music Forever 
Voices - Universal dance 
Wakan - Wakan 
Walty - Keep me goin on 
Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle 
Web - Lovin times 
Whigfield - Another day 
Whigfield - Be My Baby (Eiffel 65 BOS Mix) 
Whigfield - No tears to cry 
Whigfield - Saturday Night 
Whirlpoll Productions - From Disco to Disco 
Wienna - Little Angela 
Winx - Don't laugh 
X Form - Apollo 13 
X-Form - Pleasure Voyage 
X-perience - A Neverending dream 
X-perience - Magic Fields 
X-static - True love 
X-treme - Deeboudaebeedoee 
X-treme - Love song 
Xl - Fluxland 
Yothu yindi - Treaty 
Zhi-Vago - Celebrate (The Love) 
Zhi-Vago - Dreamer 
Molella feat. Walty - Revolution

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